A Cat At The Hair Dresser’s

Finding love in the everyday….

I had an early morning haircut today. My hairdresser, Audrey, opened the shop before anyone else was there. When I arrived, the salon door was slightly cracked open and a kitty cat was poking its nose inside. I opened the door wider and naughtily encouraged him to enter. He strutted in like he owned the place.

This cat had no shyness. It was obvious he wanted to check out the different stations but more than that, this cat wanted contact. He had a shiny, soft coat reflecting good health and care. His engraved identification tag proved my suspicions that he had an owner and simply liked to roam the hood. In fact, the ID tag instructed me to check out his FB page. (His name is Admirable Mittens, btw). At this point, I was scheming how I could take him home with me. I thought I’d call the owner, tell him that the cat was here at the hair salon, but that if he needed to get rid of Mr. Mittens for any reason, here was my phone number. I should be called immediately.

Admirable Mittens jumped in my lap while I was getting my hair shampooed.

The owner texted me back: Figures. He also loves eat pie, the yoga studio, and the health food store.

I have been felineless for a while now. I was the proud mother of two beautiful boys for seven years. When they were alive, people feared I was becoming THAT woman – the eccentric and very single, cat-woman. Now that I don’t have animals, I imagine those same folks are concerned I’m becoming inhuman. After all, I don’t have pets or kids.

I’m just fine.

But once I meet a cool cat like this who needs a home, I’m in. Sign me up. I’m ready to adopt.

In the meantime, we find love in the everyday. That’s all there is folks. We find love while smiling at the driver next to us instead of flipping him or her off. We find love while talking to the grocery store clerk or while resolving a bill dispute with someone working for customer service instead of being prompted by a machine to press #1,2, or 3. And sometimes, when we’re really lucky, we find love while we’re getting our hair done.

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A Cat At The Hair Dresser’s