What do we value and how do we want to spend our time?

I believe all of us have special talents and dreams we want to fulfill. These may change according to the season of our lives but at each stage of our journey, it’s important to assess our personal wellness and the direction of our lives. What do we value and how do we want to spend our time?

My work centers on helping individuals and organizations clarify their sense of purpose while working through obstacles and challenges that limit potential. My aim is to help people feel more empowered, happy and at peace. In all my work I utilize aspects of my mental health background, mind/body practices and creative tools to help clients find solutions. The end goal is to be more aware of and excited by life’s possibilities! 


How can Struggle be turned
into something beautiful?

Own Your Life: How our Wounds Become our Gifts by Lise Porter

For everyone who’s ever wanted their life to be different but feels like they’re stuck in gear, Own Your Life explores how we can leverage adversity and move from crisis, challenge, or loss to a place of thriving in our lives.

There is no easy way out of pain yet we often think something is wrong if we find ourselves revisiting the same old stories with no new ending. We’re told that if we just think happy thoughts, all will be well, and then feel like failures when it isn’t. How then do we transform our narratives and embrace our strengths and weaknesses?

In Own Your Life, Lise Porter, a licensed psychotherapist passionately asserts that when we fully own the ups and downs of our lives, our personal wounds actually become gifts that serve us and the world at large. Through thirty-five short narratives all dealing with specific themes and tools pertaining to transformation, Porter debunks stigmas associated with grief, loss, and trauma and shares insights that inform, inspire, and soothe- providing readers hope and teaching them how to metabolize adversity so they can tolerate, integrate, and transcend those experiences.